Intellectual and Developmental
Disabilities Research Center


About the IDDRC at CHOP/Penn

The IDDRC at CHOP/Penn has been a leader in advancing IDD research for over 29 years. Novel concepts and technologies, many of them barely imaginable 29 years ago, today are a “routine” component in the vocabulary of medical research. Our Center wholeheartedly embraced these innovations, which we considered a boon toward realization of our mission: to discover the causes of IDD and use this knowledge to improve the outcome of affected people.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to enable research that enhances understanding of:
  • The causes of intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  • The impact of these tragic disorders on the affected child and his or her family; and
  • The translation of this knowledge into treatments that alleviate suffering and maximize individual potential

In order to fulfill our ambitious mission, our Center has set forth the following goals:


The IDDRC will support a research project as well as state-of-the-art core research facilities.

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The IDDRC will support the recruitment and training of young investigators who embrace IDD-related research as a career mission.

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The IDDRC will continue as the primary CHOP/Penn agency for the promotion of IDD-Related Research.

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The IDDRC will actively and creatively participate in the IDDRC Network.

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