Intellectual and Developmental
Disabilities Research Center

Analytical Neurochemistry Core


Director: Michael B. Robinson, Ph.D. (
Co-Director: Marc Yudkoff, M.D.
Mass Spectrometry Director: Itzhak Nissim, Ph.D. (
Bioenergetics Director: Marni Falk, M.D.
Proteomics Director: Harry Ischiropoulos, Ph.D.
Technical Director, Proteomics: Steven Seeholzer, Ph.D.
HPLC Technician: Elizabeth Krizman, B.S.
Senior Research Associate (Mass Spectrometry): Ilana Nissim
Research Associate (Bioenergetics): Heeyong Yoon, Ph.D.

The Analytical Neurochemistry Core (ANC) will enable users to identify and quantify changes in brain biochemistry. Analyses are performed: (a) In vitro; (b) In pre-clinical animal models of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD); and (c) In vivo, in human patients. Users have access to a broad repertoire of analytical services, as well as expert advice with regard to experimental design and data interpretation.


  • Quantitation of amino acids and biogenic amines (Director: Robinson; Contact: Liz Krizman: (
  • Kinetic studies of flux through metabolic pathways using stable isotopes as tracers and mass spectrometry to measure isotopic enrichment (Director: Nissim)
  • Qualitative and quantitative mass spectroscopic analyses of proteins/peptides and their modifications (Director: Ischiropoulos; Contact: Steve Seeholzer, PhD: (
  • Bioenergetic assays of mitochondrial function (Director: Falk; Subcore Contact: Heeyong Yoon: (