Intellectual and Developmental
Disabilities Research Center

Clinical Translational Core


Director: Robert Schultz, Ph.D. (
Co-Director: Nathan Blum, M.D.
Study Recruitment: Christopher Gantz, M.B.A., Lindsey DeMarco, Juhi Pandey, PhD
Online Phenotyping: Lindsey DeMarco, Bob Schultz, PhD, Juhi Pandey, PhD
Clinical Assessment Consultation: Judith Miller, Ph.D., Juhi Pandey, Ph.D.,  Nate Blum, PhD
Technology based Assessment Consultation: Bob Schultz, PhD
Regulatory Consultation: Kathryn Lowe, M.S.
EHR Information Analyst: Jesse Dudley, M.L.I.S.
Resource Concierge Services: Kathryn Lowe, M.S, Lindsey DeMarco
Shared Data for Secondary Analyses: Joy Payton, M.A., C.A.P.M., Bob Schultz, PhD

The Clinical Translational Core (CTC) is of fundamental importance to the mission of the IDDRC as it will facilitate interdisciplinary and translational research. The CTC aims to provide a set of supports to make research more productive and efficient and to foster new clinical investigation.


  • Centralized infrastructure to support patient and control recruitment into clinical studies
    • EHR, PeRC, REC
  • Expert consultation on sensitive and specific clinical assessment tools
  • Online tools and guidance for phenotypic characterization of study participants
    • Study specific web portals that select from a larger online library of clinical measures
    • Technology based phenotyping (CAT, markerless motion capture, NLP)
  • Creation of a shared database that spans diagnostic groups to support secondary analyses
  • Cost- effective coordination of existing CHOP/UPenn clinical translational resources (e.g., CTSA), as well as regulatory consultation (IRB, IND) support